“Will, could you just proofread this for me?”

I began writing aged four. My first story, The Three Witches went like this: “Once upon a time there were three witches. One of them died. The End.” Yes, it may be short but I like to think it shows an understanding of causality and three-act structure: Beginning, Middle, End!

Having written all my life, I am blessed with a natural gift for storytelling. I’ve also been proofreading for decades, beginning as favours for friends and colleagues who knew my attention to detail was second-to-none. When it comes to written word and presentation, I’m a perfectionist, so proofreading comes naturally to me.

So, after decades of being the go-to guy for proofreading; checking, editing and re-writing business proposals, press releases and important communications for many of the companies I’ve worked for, I decided to go professional as a proofreader and copywriter.

Since doing so, I’ve been lucky enough to make a living creating and editing content remotely from all over the world for ten years. Roles have included producing content for an exclusive, experience-based travel company, creating, developing and writing dysptopian science fiction stories and zombie drama scripts. I’ve also been paid to write monthly cybersecurity articles, football previews, film recommendations and TV reviews.

With almost 20 years experience in the broadcast sector, as producer and Head of Compliance. I have worked all around the world in the TV industry for companies including The BBC, Channel 4, E4, ITV, Channel 5, Endemol, Disney, Films@59, TVT, Ostrich Media and Atlantic Productions.

I currently reside in Asia, where I am the head writer for Life of Riley – “the world’s most intriguing experiential travel collection” and have contributed monthly articles to CyberWorld cybersecurity magazine.

I believe writers create their best material on the subjects they love the most. I’m at my happiest writing about Film & TV, Travel, Tech, Storytelling, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Metaphysics and Football. When I get time, I also run couchpotato.buzz – an occasionally hilarious, educational TV website which I hope helps the next generation become better writers, directors and editors.